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The CC Law Office is spearheaded by Christopher Chelala with a mission to serve Edmontonians with transparent law advice.

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Christopher Chelala

Founder of CC Law Office

Christopher is passionate and driven criminal defence and personal injury lawyer who fights endlessly on behalf of his clientele to get them the best results possible. As a distinction juris doctor with a specialization in Canadian law, dispute resolution, and a graduate masters in criminology, Christopher's knowledge of the Canadian legal system is expansive and vast.


Christopher pursued his four year bachelor of arts at MacEwan where he majored in political science as well as a criminology minor between 2012 - 2016. Upon completion of his degree, he pursued a fast track program for his Juris Doctor where he was able to excel and complete the program in just two years.

As part of his degree at MacEwan, he was able to participate in and observe numerous mediations and dispute resolution proceedings in personal injury and criminal areas of law. These experiences were eye opening to Christopher and reaffirmed his desire to pursue law and help Edmontonians with their legal troubles. Throughout these exercises, he developed negotiation, oral and problem-solving skills and learnt to observe dispute resolution and mediation proceedings in practice. The skills that were obtained throughout these exercises were absolutely invaluable to his future pursuit of being a lawyer as it assisted with conflict resolution, assessment of client and individual needs, and the logical and efficient dissemination of information.

Once he was successful in the acquisition of his degree at MacEwan, he focused in law school on developing practical advocacy skills which took place in the form of numerous moot-based assessments in criminal, personal injury and family areas of law. These assessments involved the preparation of briefs, research memorandums, client submissions and representation in a simulated court environment.

During his time in law school, he volunteered at the pro bono legal clinic on campus for 2 years as a method of developing real world knowledge of the operations of the legal system. The clinic dealt with clients in the areas of real estate, family, criminal, and personal injury law. This experience was invaluable in enhancing both his legal knowledge and developing his core areas of competencies. During his time assisting the Bond Law Clinic, he had the opportunity to observe client interviews, examine and review legal cases, practice customer service through case and office management, as well as prepare and file legal documentation such as pleadings, motions, memoranda, settlement proposals and other correspondence. He was given the opportunities to attend local courthouses and experience court proceedings in practice. This direct exposure to pro bono clients enabled him to gain an understanding of the practicalities of legal practice and the challenges and difficulties faced by pro bono service providers. Further, it instilled in him a passion to assist disadvantaged groups and those who may struggle to gain access to skilled advocates.

After finishing law school, Christopher was successfully certified by The Federation Of Law Societies National Committee to practice law across Canada. Christopher is also a part of the Canadian Bar Association and the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association.

Working as a lawyer

After completing law school, Christopher quickly began practicing criminal law. He worked under the law firm Grotski & Hostyn for a year and a half under a well known lawyer (Mark Grotski) who mentored him and passed on 35 years of his own knowledge.

Christopher works as a roster lawyer with Legal Aid. During his tenor as a criminal defence lawyer, he has grown to truly understand the difficulties of being charged with a criminal offence. Understanding how to navigate the criminal justice system alone is a truly stressful and intimidating time in one’s life. As a result, Christopher desires to zealously represent people, and will work tirelessly to achieve a just and fair outcome for each and every client.

My mission

Christopher has always been eager to work for himself and build his own independent practice. His passion in law includes running files and thinking outside of the box when it comes to defence strategies. One thing that past clients know about Christopher is that he absolutely loves to take each case into my own hands as if it were his very own case.

Christopher always gives 110 percent effort as he works to create a difference for his clients. He originally pursued law as it allows him to ensure that justice is properly and fairly served to individuals. All in all, Christopher is a very sociable person and strives to truly connect with clients and make sure that their case is being handled correctly while also cultivating an environment that isn't tense or dramatic.

Personal life

During Christopher's free time, he works as a volunteer lawyer at the Edmonton Community Legal Centre and also coaches soccer with the Royal City Soccer Club. He also has volunteered with Elizabeth Fry and the boys and girls club as a way of serving the Edmonton community.

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