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Have you been arrested for a crime and been contacted by the police about your involvement in an alleged offense? It’s absolutely paramount that you understand your legal rights as a Canadian and how to assert them effectively to guarantee you don’t fall into the confusion of the legal system. With criminal charges having the capability to have profound implications on your life, we totally understand that it can be a scary and overwhelming process however fear not. The CC Law Office has been fighting to clear the names of those wrongly acquitted for well over two decades and thoroughly understand how to work the system to your benefit throughout each stage. Whether you’re undergoing a search and seizure, detention and arrest, police questioning, need to qualify for bail or require a specialized criminal defence lawyer for the trial itself, we’ll stand by your side.
We firmly believe that everyone should have the right to tell their side of the story. With a constantly evolving justice system, our team is armed with knowledge to guide you through the unique challenges of your case.

Areas of criminal defence

Due to the sheer amount of differing fields that criminal law encompasses, our team has made it our priority to specialize in the following areas to ensure that we are able to effectively represent clientele effectively.

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