Areas of law

The CC Law Office specializes in a range of areas of law which include criminal law, personal injury, wills and estates and also notary services. Our team of lawyers have tackled well over 500+ cases in each area and understand the process of achieving victory thoroughly.

criminal law

Being charged and arrested for a crime doesn’t have to define your life. Whether you're undergoing an impaired driving charge, have been solicited with drug charges or a white collar crime, our seasoned lawyers are prepared to understand your case thoroughly and defend and clear your name.

personal injury

While injuries caused by automobile accidents are the most common amongst personal injury, these types of incidents also include work-related events, bicycle and pedestrian accidents and also slips and falls. Whatever the cause, our team has the know how and experience to achieve a settlement that you deserve.

Notary services

Are you in need of officiating a document? Our firm specializes in document and fingerprint notarization as well as assisting with the process of witnessing oaths, solemn affirmations, statutory declarations or the signing of affidavits.

Wills And Estate Law

Want to guarantee your estate is distributed per your wishes? Our wills & estates team will work delicately with you to review and understand your personal and financial circumstances and recommend trust and will options which align with your objectives and minimize the tax burden.